Boat “Treaty of Rome”

The journey of the ‘Treaty of Rome’ to promote InnoNauTICs

Within de benchmark of the Global Communication Plan to promote InnoNauTICs, the project partners agreed to present it to a non-profit association named ‘Sail for Europe’ (, based in Brussels, which manages the boat ‘Treaty of Rome’.

The mission of this association since it was born 30 years ago is to  promote the European Union through the medium of sail, a sport symbolizing the team spirit, discovery, adventure and encounters that are respectful of our fellow beings and the environment. All of this fitted absolutely with the objectives of InnoNauTICs, therefore the ‘Treaty of Rome’ was chosen to be a main symbol for this European transnational project and, more specifically, of the webplatform

The itinerary of InnoNauTICs project communication campaign developed by the Sailing Boat ‘Treaty of Rome’ was designed by ‘Sail for Europe’ under instructions from INSULEUR, with the aim of visiting all InnoNauTICs partners headquarters. The departure of the boat took place on September 13th 2011 at Pireaus (Greece), from where it headed to Chios and Heraklion (also in Greece). From there it had to reach Palermo (Italy) but two days before the arrival, on September 22nd, the boat nearby Catania broke its mast and had to stay there until spring 2012 for repairing at a shipyard.

The ‘Treaty of Rome’ could only continue its journey in April 2012 following the route Catania-Palermo-Cagliari-Bosa-Bastia-Palma of Majorca, where it arrived on the 3rd of May 2012, ending so this communication campaign that has been considered as a success by all the InnoNauTICs partners as it has met all of its objectives.

If you wish to see the full report of this communication campaign, you may find it on the following LINK.

Also, you may find videos and pictures of the ‘Treaty of Rome’s journey further down this page.






Photo Gallery: “Treaty of Rome” first part of the periple
Pireus – Chios – Heraklion – Palerme (june-october 2011)