Closing Conference

InnoNauTICs closing conference and last Steering Committee held in Palma on October 15th and 16th

The InnoNauTICs project held its closing conference in Palma on October 15th during a meeting organized by the project leader, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Majorca, as well as the Balearic Islands Tourism Agency (ATB) at the Technology Innovation Park ParcBit).

The lead partner showed the local enterprises and the innovation public authorities the outcome on the innovation services platform Furthermore each of the project partners had the opportunity to show the attendants the actions that have been taken within the InnoNauTICs benchmark, such as the pilot projects or the creation of the Center of Innovation & Quality for the Nautical Sector in the Mediterranean.

On Tuesday 16th the last Steering Committee took place at the premises of the Balearic Islands Agency of Tourism on Tuesday 16th October 2012 in Palma de Mallorca. The meeting started with a round table of presentations of the representatives of the partners organisations. Since the project was about to finish 31st October 2012 the goal of the meeting was to control next steps for every partner and coordination regarding the deliverables to fulfil by the partnership and the procedure of management and coordination on the protocol on the accession to the InnoNauTICs network for the promotion of the innovation in the nautical sector.

The objective of this InnoNauTICs Network will be to promote a cooperation protocol that allow partners to continue networking in the future at the same time that it allows the incorporation of new agents to create a wider working community with the possibility to access more knowledge and potential projects in the future. Financial aspects were dealt by the lead partner and every participant. Last but not least partners were informed about the documentation required to present the final report to be coordinated by the lead partner.

Report on InnoNauTICs closing conference

Local events

Info Day organised by OTIE:

The Observatory of Tourism in the European Islands (OTIE) organised in Palermo (Italy) on the 16th December 2010 an Info Day with the insular nautical stakeholders. This meeting named “Innovazione, sviluppo e promozione del settore della nautica nelle isole europee” offered information on the InnoNauTICs project with the aim to allow the businesses of the province to participate in the project, so that the InnoNauTICs online platform could include data of as much nautical companies as possible.

Info Day organised by CCI Oristano:

The Chamber of Commerce of Oristano (Italy) organised on the 5th of March 2011, an Info Day under the name “Mediterranea: progetti ed iniziative di cooperazione nel Mediterraneo”.  The goal was to introduce the InnoNauTICs project to businesses in the province and to describe in detail the 5 pilot projects. Attendants were local authorities and 142 enterprises of the nautical and tourism sectors, many of which did express their support for taking part in this initiative.

Info Day organised by CCI Mallorca:

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Mallorca held on February 2011 a meeting with the main operators of the nautical sector of Mallorca to present them the InnoNauTICs project. The meeting grounded on the fact that it is very important to listen to the opinion of the nautical sector regarding the project, because their support is key for the success of the initiative, something that will only happen by taking into account their contributions to the project.

Info Day organised by CCI Cagliari

The Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari organised on June 25th 2012 an Info Day for supplying information regarding the InnoNauTICs project to all the nautical businesses in the province, as well as the pilot project that are being developed within this initiative, so these companies can join the online platform and help to offer the widest range of services to marine users around Europe.


European and international events

13th July 2012 – International Forum – Communication Conference, Brussels

On Friday 13th at the premises of Eurochambres in Brussels it was developed the International Forum – Communication Conference of the InnoNauTICs project and the goal was to communicate at EU level the main outcomes and actions of this project that intends to strengthen innovation capacities and strategic cooperation between economic development actors and public authorities. All partners participated in the promotion of InnoNauTICs actions in Brussels to involve the main entrepreneurial associations to the European institution with shared competencies in the field innovation, tourism and nautical industry.

The opening of the meeting was chaired by Manolis Aliferakis, President Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Ben Butters, Director of European Affairs of EUROCHAMBRES and Antonio Cañellas, Director of InnoNauTICs project. Furthermore Fausta Corda, Programme Manager at the DG Regional Policy presented on the future European Cohesion Policy.

The first working table focused on the subject “creation and implementation of InnoNauTICs transnational platform – Nauticaleurope” in which Julio García, AT4 Director presented the development part of, Paul Allan from Portbooker showed the tool on moorings’ ports booking and Pere Palou from Inteligencia Náutica that presented an innovative initiative and evolution of the current website.

The second working table dealt with the four pilot projects undertook by the partners. In detail Maria Grazia Dessi from Cagliari Chamber of Commerce presented the pilot “Seaside training in Nautical Sector & Tourism”, Panagiotis Lampropoulos from EOAEN delivered on the pilot “Encouragement and support for business development in the nautical sector”, Michael Katharakis from Heraklion Chamber of Commerce showed the Joint Pilot Sailing Training Exchange Programme in collaboration with the Mallorca Chamber of Commerce and finally Pietrino Scanu, President of the Oristano Chamber of Commerce showed the pilot project on “Tourism and underwater archaeology”.

The third working table presented the proposal of the creation of the Center of Innovation & Quality for the Nautical Sector in the Mediterranean (CIQN-Med) by Michael Katharakis from the Heraklion Chamber of Commerce.

The fourth working table showed the Communication Actions coordinated by Georges Asonitis, INSULEUR such as Madrid Tourism Fair FITUR 2012 promotion, the promotion of the project through the boat “Treaty of Rome” by Phillippe Hanin, President Sail for Europe and the Brussels Conference presented by Mirna Cieniewicz, Secretary General European Boating Industry.

Finally the audience participated on the discussion and conclusions.

18-22 January 2012 – FITUR International Tourism Fair, Madrid

The InnoNauTICs communication plan foresees the promotion of the project in several tourism and/or nautical fairs of importance at European level. FITUR was one of the fairs that the InnoNauTICs Steering Committee selected as a key fair for the diffusion of the project. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Mallorca (Mr. Antonio Cañellas and Mr. Gabriel García), INSULEUR (Mr. George Assonitis), and OTIE (Mr. Ruggieri and Mrs Sclafani) have participated in FITUR to promote the project InnoNauTICs. The project wants to thank the cooperation of the Agency for Tourism of the Balearic Islands Regional Government, who kindly organised the presence of the project in FITUR, reserving a specific space in the Balearic Islands stand.

InnoNauTICs project was promoted by the partners either through contacts to professionals or public visiting the stand or through a “door-to-door” policy through approaching directly selected companies in the stands of the participating in InnoNauTICs countries, Greece, Italy and Spain. Another promotional action was the organisation of a lottery with two prizes consisting on “one week on a sailing boat”. These two weeks were offered by two companies, one in Palma de Mallorca and the other in Palermo. The lottery had an enormous success. A data base of professionals and public, interested in the INNONAUTICs project, has been created.

27 May 2011 – Insuleur General Assembly, Brussels

INSULEUR, Network of Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Union, held a General Assembly and a Board of Directors meeting in Brussels on the 27th of May 2011. It was a meeting where all of the partners of the Insuleur reviewed internal questions of the network and its contribution within the InnoNauTICs project.

Promotion of InnoNauTICs in Nautical fairs

Mallorca Chamber of Commerce promoted the project in the following nautical fairs:

21-29 January 2012 – Düsseldorf

The Boot Düsseldorf Fair picked up speed. 1,600 exhibitors from over 50 countries presented their innovations for the new season in 17 Düsseldorf exhibition halls from 21 to 29 January 2012 – from fishing rods right through to luxurious large yachts.

2-11 December 2011 – Salon Nautique de Paris

The Salon Nautique de Paris is an annual event to discover the new 2011/2012 models in the nautical world and a genuine showcase with 1,200 exhibitors and 1,400 brands for an attendance of more than 236,000 visitors, 1,400 boats on display, including close to 300 new models, more than 600 motor boats, over 500 sailing boats, 300 assorted small craft (canoes, kayaks, windsurfing boards), professional advices and a friendly atmosphere, a meeting between friends and water sports lovers.

1-9 October 2011 – Salone Nautico Internazionale di Genova

With its 1,300 exhibitors and 2,000 boats on display – 450 of which were berthed in the fascinating floating part of the Show – including 450 premieres, Genoa Boat Show confirms it is currently the most complete boat show in the world, featuring a wide range of products and solutions encompassing all boating industry sectors and meeting any possible customer needs.