The main goal of InnoNauTICs is to reinforce the innovation capabilities of the SMEs of the nautical sector through creating transnational cooperation initiatives that will allow the modernization of a key sector for the insular Mediterranean economies. All SMEs in the Mediterranean are facing serious problems of competitiveness due to their small size and the difficulty to access innovation and financing. In this sense, InnoNauTICs deals with the modernization, internationalization and the provision of innovative solutions to the SMEs of the nautical sector. This strategy will be reinforced by the start-up of pilot actions in different insular regions and by the design and implementation at transnational level of a technological platform for networking and transferring innovative solutions that will help developing the nautical tourism and will increase the competitiveness of the Mediterranean nautical sector enterprises.

There is a need to internationalize the nautical sector, to ensure that companies innovate and provide quality services in line with international quality standards of the industry. Besides, because of its traditional anchor and size, the SME sector does not innovate as much as it should. These enterprises have difficulties to access to advanced technology and have no access to gateways that encourage the transfer of innovation between businesses. This is why, on the last phase, the project will set up an International Center for Innovation and Quality of the Nautical Sector.


Specific objectives:
- To encourage the cooperation between public and private agents.
- To stimulate the use of ICT.
- To develop international marketing activities.
- To promote sustainable development.