CCI Mallorca
The Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca, established in  1886  is  run by  businessmen -chosen by the different productive sectors of the island- and has as its main goal the promotion of the economic, business and social advancement of our community, through the analysis, the development of proposals, the implementation of actions and the provision of services to companies and businesses, in accordance with the public administrative roles prescribed by law. The Chamber, as a consultation body of the Administration and a corporation for empowering the economy, enjoys an active presence and an institutional participation in different public and private organizations. It also forms part of international networks.

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ATB – Tourism Agency of the Balearic Islands
The Tourism Agency of the Balearic Islands (ATB) is a public enterprise that belongs to the Regional Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Balearic Islands Government.  It was created in 2010 by merging two public companies: the Institute of Tourism Strategy (INESTUR, basically in charge of creating and developing new tourism products and the Balearic  Institute for Tourism (IBATUR, in charge of promoting the Balearic Islands offer).  Its main objectives are: the internal and external promotion of the Balearic Islands, the tourism research, and the improvement of the environment and the tourism products, within the Balearic Islands regional policy for tourism.

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CCI Oristano
The Chamber of Commerce of Oristano is a Public Authority, self governing and elective. It represents and sustains the interests of the enterprises located in the territory and additionally promotes development and innovation. The Chamber of Commerce of Oristano has been founded in 1974 and since this date, it has been working for the enterprises, guaranteeing them administrative support, but also a continuous aid for promotion and innovation. Besides, the activity of the Chamber of Commerce aims at the integration with other institutions of the Province.

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CCI Cagliari
The Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture of Cagliari, founded in 1862, is an independent body which performs public law functions of general interest to the business system, within the territorial area of its competence, namely the province. Its main objective is to complement the action of the public administration and to safeguard the interests of the companies in Cagliari.

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The Observatory on Tourism in the European Islands was founded in Sicily on 2007 and has as a main objective to carry out statistics, studies and research in order to identify the current issues of tourism in the European Islands. OTIE concentrates its activities on updating the Databank on Insular Tourism, running the Documentation Centre of the Islands, carrying out studies and research, organizing forums and seminars, and participating in European projects of cooperation and social development. Thanks to the continuous dialogue with the institutions, companies and research centers on tourism, OTIE offers the islands a support to devise strategic, operative and marketing plans on tourism because it has a wide network of contacts and a steady updated benchmark on European tourism.

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The Group of Chambers for the Development of the Greek Islands (E.O.A.E.N.) is a civil non-profit organisation, founded on August 1994 by the insular Greek Chambers, in their joint effort to address the negative economic, social and cultural impacts suffered due to geopolitical disadvantages of the islands. EOAEN is composed by 19 insular Greek Chambers and its headquarters are in the city of Chios.

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CCI Heraklion
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Heraklion, known as “the Chamber” was established in 1923 as a legal entity of public law. The administration of the Chamber is accountable to the Ministry of the Economy, Competitiveness and Marine Shipping. The Chamber enjoys autonomy, i.e. it is governed by a Board of Directors following elections every four years. The Heraklion Chamber is a consultative and advisory body of the State. Its objects are to represent, monitor and promote large and small industrial production, commerce and services for the benefit of national economy prefecture of Heraklion.

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CCI Bastia
The Chamber of Commerce of Bastia has its origin at the Manufacturing Chamber, created by decree on April 1803, but was constituted under its current name in 1843. Thanks to its proximity to the local economy, has developed a catalog of products and services to meet the needs of 7,000 companies, industries, commerce or service providers that account in their area, while helping to define public policies affecting these sectors.

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INSULEUR, the Network of Insular Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the European Union, was set up in the year 2000 with the aim of improving the economic and social conditions in European insular regions, which make daily efforts to cope with the physical difficulties due to their insular nature. INSULEUR hopes to become pioneer of a new approach in regards to the insular regions of Europe. Through this initiative, the imbalances between the continental and the insular regions would be progressively smoothed.

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