Innovation Center

CIQN-Med (Center for Innovation and Quality of Nautical Sector in the Mediterranean)

The main goal of InnoNauTICs is to reinforce the innovation ability of the SMEs of the nautical sector through the diffusion of innovative solutions and the creation of transnational initiatives of cooperation that allow the modernization of a key sector for the insular economy in the Mediterranean.

The creation and realization of the Center for Innovation and Quality of Nautical Sector in the Mediterranean (CIQN-Med) may guarantee the achievement of the maximum transnationality of the project as well as its continuity through the implementation of innovative strategies.

Moreover, this center may elaborate both on the lack of information and inadequate dissemination in the nautical sector thus resulting in a coordinated effort towards the distribution of knowledge in the nautical field.

Consequently, the CIQN-Med may endeavor to raise awareness to users of formal education systems in nautical themes that exist in different member states of InnoNauTICs, that is Greece, France, Italy and Spain, as well as to inform them upon the management of recreational boats, aiming at the facilitation of information exchange in nautical issues between them and state agencies through the creation of a unique nautical website inspired by’s platform.