Pilot projects

1) Seaside training for the Nautical Sector and Tourism – Cagliari Chamber of Commerce

The Cagliari Chamber of Commerce proposes the implementation of a pilot initiative regarding:

- the training of new professionals and guidance for young people to jobs and skills related to different sectors of the sea;

- upgrading the skills of staff already employed within the sector;

- analysis of the specific needs of companies in order to sustain competitiveness and innovation, with special attention to SMEs and craft enterprises in the maritime sector;

- promoting cooperation and exchanges between different actors within the sector in order to facilitate networking and dissemination of good practice.

The idea of this initiative was generated by the need to make this project as much interactive as possible, as well as the partners’ need to strengthen the project’s innovative aspect.

Taking into account the project’s general concept, the reinforcement of SMEs Innovation Capacity in the nautical sector based on the implementation of innovative educational methods, constitutes an opportunity to develop regional networks to manage local markets and to connect those networks in one large European super-network.


2) Join pilot sailing training exchange program – Heraklion Chamber of Commerce

The Heraklion Chamber of Commerce with this pilot project aims to reinforce nautical tourism in the Mediterranean region through training. It has been based on the exchange of best practices and experiences among Innonautics partners, specifically between Heraklion Chamber of Commerce and Mallorca Chamber of Commerce.

The overall goal has been to develop as much as possible the transnational character of the project. Moreover, this pilot project aimed to demonstrate that nautical tourism can be combined with other forms of alternative tourism, such as cultural, gastronomic, athletic etc. The action aimed to attract sailing trainees, as well as tourists that would like to combine training, sailing, and culture for their vacation.


3) Tourism and underwater archaeology: blue routes along the coastlines of Oristano – Oristano Chamber of Commerce

The Oristano Chamber of Commerce’s pilot project has ben set up in cooperation with the School of Specialization in “Archeological Goods”, with reference to the curriculum of “Underwater Archeology and of coastal Landscapes”.

The project contemplated to develop several activities, additional to the Nautical Sector, both of cultural and sporty character, as: guided tours to costal landscapes, underwater excursions to discover the seabed and to visit the archeological ruins, not only in the Sardinian sea, but also in the rest of the Mediterranean Area, diving activity with instructor support.

The Oristano Chamber of Commerce proposed, therefore, a lot of activities referred to the nautical sector, directed to sustain, encourage, promote and favour the knowledge and discovery of the territory. Activities always accompanied by instructors, guides and expert staff.

In particular this project had the intention of promoting the historical beauties of the sea landscape through different/alternative activities.


4) Motivation, encouragement, technical assistance and support for business development in the area of nautics – EOAEN (Network of Island Chambers of Commerce of Greece)

The aim of the pilot is to support the activities of existing structures within the partners facilities (or develop new ones), for the motivation, encouragement, technical assistance and support for business development in the area of nautics, especially by young people, unemployed, women and other vulnerable residents of the islands.

The scope of the pilot is to set up to each member partner of a team of animators and mentors, which after passing through a process of education and training will be networked, thus, setting up of an effective mechanisms for mobilization at the local level, the residents of their regions, towards the development of modern and competitive business initiatives, with the help of tools and methodologies developed under this pilot.

A, secondary effect of this action has been training groups of potential entrepreneurs who are interested in developing activities in the nautical sector.


Download Innonautics Pilot Projects, Final Report:

INNONAUTICS – Final Report Pilot Projects